You Can Do So Much Without a Conscience – The President Show

On the president’s Make America Great-A-Thon, he tests his counselor Kellyanne Conway (played by Kathy Griffin) to see just how far she’ll go to defend …

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21 thoughts on “You Can Do So Much Without a Conscience – The President Show

  1. Atamanuik's impression is funny, but i used to laugh harder when he used to try do him more accurately (like in the Bernie debate), before starting to yell rubbish all the time in a over-exagerated high pitch like recently.

  2. Poor little fat Donald Dump!!! That cock sucker cant take a little joke can he???????? Fuck him and his little bitch ass 11 year old son over there crying…………………."daddy…….daddy…………..I am  so traumatized because I saw a plastic head with ketchup on it"…………..Dumb little fuck! Bunch of cry babies!!

  3. Good for her! Little fat baby Trump is just a puss that cannot take a joke. A big fat baby on twitter all day. Ridiculous! So happy that Kathy is back. She has always made fun of the presidents and the presidents went along with it, except for this punk Trump. And then you had all of the idiots that are for trump, almost wanting to have Kathy's head on a table just because she made fun of poor wittle little fat baby trump. Get the fuck over it. IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!! A plastic head with ketchup on it!!!! A PROP FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what kind of person starts sending nasty insults to the leader of N Korea??? A psychotic man. That's who. Trump behaves like an immature fat grown 8 year old. Barely has been in office for a few months and already trying to start a war with a N Korean maniac. You guys picked the wrong one to lead the United States. And he is a pussy for crying like a little girl for what Kathy did to that wittle little fat baby.

  4. Ya, I just won a bet… that the comment section would be filled with USA hating libtards. You all did something right for once when I won the bet by posting your hate.

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