Who Cares About Heart?

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28 thoughts on “Who Cares About Heart?

  1. Um actually the torchwood anagram was in use long before the spin off as they used it when auditioning actors for the initial reboot so as to not let on what they were auditioning for

  2. Umm actually, Torchwood wasn't the working title. It was originally the anagram that they used to disguise the tapes for Doctor Who when they were first making the series to hide it from people trying to steal the tapes. They ended up using the name for the spin-off series as an homage to that.

  3. But yea, everything else Q is a Q from the Q Continuum, with a wife Q and a son named q. And a Q little window, and a Q Corvette, and everything is Q for him and himself, and everybody around cause he ain’t nobody to listen.

  4. the heart ring lets Ma TI Read the hearts of others allowing him to tell ally from enemy, mentally communicate with his friend's, sense when they are in distress, track them like a GPS, and talk to animals compared to the others he's actually kinda OP

  5. Um actually, Q did not have a "wife" the other Q was the leader of the rival faction in the Q war and the child was supposed to unite all Q.
    (Also Captain Janeway was almost the mother.)

  6. Umm actually, Torchwood is named from the site where Queen Victoria met the Doctor (10th Doctor) and Rose in the episode Tooth and Claw where she decided that the Doctor and the creatures that he deals with must be defended against for the glory of the British Empire. So She created The Torchwood institute named after the home of a man that kept the queen safe that the Doctor was unable to save

  7. Um actually the elements of earth, fire, water, and air were theorised by the philosopher Empedocles before Plato to explain a world that both changed and didn’t change (the core elements were constant but combined and separated to make the universe) through the forces of love and strife. So the elements are Empedoclian, not Platonic

  8. Um, Actually, Torchwood was what they called Doctor Who behind the scenes when working on the revival series leading up to the premiere in 2005. They then adapted the word for the episode "Tooth and Claw," which was David Tennant's second full episode.

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