When You’re Latinx But You Can’t Dance – Alternatino

Arturo tries to prove his Latinx authenticity by taking his date out to a dance club. About Alternatino: Alternatino is a sketch show that follows Arturo Castro …

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24 thoughts on “When You’re Latinx But You Can’t Dance – Alternatino

  1. The fuck is up with this “LatinX” bullshit? Why are we letting white people erase our language and change it to whatever they want? I don’t care if you’re gay, trans, or whatever else but stop fucking with our culture.


    A proud LATINO

  2. real Latinos And Latinas never use the term "Latinx".that's a term created by subliminally racist white so called "progressive's" who don't know how Hispanic culture and or the Spanish language work . please stop trying to push your ignorant "colonialist" ( yes "Colonialist". when you insist on trying to change "our culture", baced on your weird misinformed interpretations, because you insist somehow you know better inspite of our demands, yes that's "colonialism"!!!. ) bullshit on us we already said NO!!!🤦🏽‍♂️😡😡😡

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