What Is the Worst Way to Find Out You Were Cheated On?

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38 thoughts on “What Is the Worst Way to Find Out You Were Cheated On?

  1. Try her telling you every detail of her sex with another man on the phone then telling you he made her feel special and telling you to just leave after a year of spending every day hanging out

  2. You tell your husband your need to tell him something. He says he needs to tell you something. You surprise him with your positive pregnancy test. You’re super excited about it. You ask him what his surprise is and he pulls out a ring box. You immediately say yes. Then he explains the the ring isn’t for you. He’s proposing to the other woman.

  3. The worst way is you and your partner have been together for year and your pregnant with your first child. 9 month later your at the hospital and you have to share the room with one another person who turns out to be the person your partner has been cheating on you for.

  4. The STI story happened to my cousin except it was HIV and she found out when she was pregnant. She passed it on to their child. Her husband was a piece of crap.

  5. Weekly call to my mother…

    "Chad, it's over."

    What? Wait, why are you at my mother's?

    "She's eating me out dear."

    MOM!? But what about Dad?

    "I only married him to stay in the church group."

  6. Weird how in the first scenarios of the wife cheating on the husband the only thing trap can think of is contrasting reasons for cheating with someone like you versus someone not like you it is either not being quite good enough for the wife or being really bad for the wife.

  7. My husband worked with an army recruiter who would sleep with some of the women he was trying to recruit and ended up giving his PREGNANT wife A COUPLE, no not just one, but MULTIPLE STD's.

  8. Bob Schimmel discovered his wife was cheating when he woke up at 3AM, went to the livingroom, and found his wife and neighbor watching TV with disshoveled clothes and messed hair. He realized what woke him up was his wife's orgasm from the livingroom.

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