We’re From The Same Town

Oh, I lived in Chicago, but only in a small locked room. See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us …

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40 thoughts on “We’re From The Same Town

  1. Everywhere is Chicago is so different because the neighborhoods are like little nations. Go over in one area, it's mostly Slavic, over where I am is mostly black, over by my mom is Hispanic and black, then you got Greek Town, Chinatown etc.

  2. Lol. This is exactly what happens when people from the suburbs thinks they are from Chicago. Most of these suburbanites go to Chicago downtown once every 4 years and don’t know anything about the city. I was both a suburbanite and a Chicagoan my self.

    P.S. “Gravity” is a chain night club in the Chicagoland area that serves underage teens. At least it did when I was in high school!

  3. I like how they both pretend they're from the same place and should therefore have lots of common ground, even though Chicago is a massive and spread out city with its own culture and stuff.

  4. Chicago is not a “town”. It’s a city over exaggerated by movies, in a state littered with debt and corruption, when really there’s nothing special about it EXCEPT the art museum.

    …sorry Chicago makes me salty. I grew up in Illinois (in a small TOWN) and it’s the only thing people know about the state.

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