Wedding Epic Bagpipe Malfunction

Bagpipes seemed like a good idea for this wedding, until the “instrument malfunction”. SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance to be on AFV?

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22 thoughts on “Wedding Epic Bagpipe Malfunction

  1. Wow the drone knocking off in the doorway was the least of his offenses. That's the worst chanter/drone tuning, and playing I've ever heard. He can't do more than a couple of notes without choking.

  2. I feel for that piper ,once in the middle marching the bride down the aisle They SUDDENLY remembered to unroll the ''carpet'' she was supposed to walk down on .I had to back up with the bride her father 2 girls straightened out her train ,,all the while playing ,talk about nervous!!!!!! It all went well no missed notes, and no bride tripping backwards

  3. The player hadn't tuned the chanter at ALL. The reason why he was cutting out, was because he wasn't blowing enough air in/applying enough pressure to the bag at the right moments. SHIT player.

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