Ultimate Playground Fails Compilation // FailArmy

School’s out for summer! To celebrate the final stretch of class before 3 months of freedom, we went through our collection and put together our most epic …

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49 thoughts on “Ultimate Playground Fails Compilation // FailArmy

  1. EpicTV impressing us again.
    I hate self-promoting but I stand by my content 100%
    I climbed a 55ft DEEP SOLO wall and made a short video about it!
    It's super high quality and would love some support from youtubers!
    I love filmmaking I love you all

  2. i could be in here a lot of times, too many to say, but one time i went to a fair and my sister and her friend went on the playground and i saw them so i took a video of my sister on one of the things where you grab on and it spins you. it’s about a 2 second video of my sister falling off of it and crashing into the ground and it’s hilarious

  3. fat obese people should never try to jump over anything a few inches first because they cant second because they will hurt themselves or fall or hit someone and hurt them even more because how fat and big they are. Its just for safety really

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