Trump’s Racist “Sunday Night Football” Caravan Ad – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

Anthony and Gregg talk about the Trump campaign’s racist ad about the migrant caravan that aired during “Sunday Night Football,” then compare thoughts on …

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23 thoughts on “Trump’s Racist “Sunday Night Football” Caravan Ad – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

  1. CLOSE THE BORDER. ITS BORDER-STORMING the new form of soft Terrorism, using Human Sheilds and victim politics to destroy borders and legal migration processes. Over 200 ISIS fighters have ALREADY been apprehended in it, and also some traffickers taking children for the sex trade. Dont be stupid and buy this garbage and this pathetic coverage. It wont stop if they get through. This joking about how "awesome" it is is disgusting, how about some REAL journalism where you get off your woke ass and GO THERE and see the reality. You guys suck so bad. I hope they all end up in your backyard.

  2. I never saw the commercial however it is absolutely 100% true that people that come into this country illegally are criminals hence coming into the country illegal! Wake the hell up already! God you're a bunch of morons!

  3. How many of you liberal assholes are going to personally house and feed these people? Since you believe that our nation is a halfway house for everyone, surely you're going to tend to these people on your dime. Come on dumbasses, lets see a show of hands.

    Don't be shy, I know how much you slack jawed jackasses love to virtue signal.

  4. LEGAL STATUS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE AND CLEARLY TRUMP HAS STATED OVER AND OVER FOR THEM TO COME ILLEGAL. THE INVADERS ARE SEEKING ASYLUM HERE BUT THEY NEED TO SEEK IT IN THE FORST SAFE COUNTRY AS THE LAW STATES.. But let me tell you this… THEY WERE TALKING BAD ABOUT AMERICANS AND SAYING THEY WERE GONNA TAKE EVERYTHING FROM AMERICANS ON A LIVE FEED ON PUEBLOS SIN FRONTERAS FACEBOOK. These people are a drain on the economy. THEY PULLED DOWN A FENCE and the men trampled women and children. These people give no shits about anyone they are uneducated with no job skills. So what are they going to do for our economy but leech off tax dollars??

  5. Trumps dick is out. this mans is begging for the Democrats to leave his taxes alone, and for cnn to not talk about how the Republicans are doing so much winning….hey jeff sessions. Lol

    A party divided have no power. I think white nationalist are finally the minority.

  6. Wahhabism is needed in Latin America we need our own Taliban that will die to protect our people from Terrorist CIA. Can't wait for War because we are on the Russians side. Latin America needs Nuclear Weapons to keep the Terrorist USA the fuck OUT.

  7. The raiders have a salary cap and they're coach is inferior. The players would let the ecu pirates beat them to highlight how the coach and organization have abandoned the players. If the raiders players were coaching themselves they'd probably have more wins. But trust gruden will find a way to lose.

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