Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – “Bullies” – Uncensored

With the help of Asmeret Ghebremichael, Trevor Moore pleads for bullies to target the right weirdos. Watch the full special here:

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29 thoughts on “Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – “Bullies” – Uncensored

  1. Jesus, Satire actually can't exist anymore because even when someone devotes their entire career to satire comedy the second he makes fun of a group of people they all think that he's siding with them. If you really don't think this song is making fun of people who think this way you really need to think hard about chemical castration i.e. 99% of this comment section

  2. The song is a joke, anyone who seriously supports bullying is an asshole. That being said, it is never going away, and apparently neither are otakus who jerk off to cartoon horses or whatever.

    And if they do, who gives a shit.

  3. I was viciously discriminated against by trans people during the years of the Obama administration. They enabled this. What a disgusting legacy. I have never met such mean ass women as the men who pretend to be women. They are truly monstrous.

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