TOTAL FORGIVENESS: Grant and Ally’s Fight to the Debt

How far would you go to pay off your student loans? TOTAL FORGIVENESS available now on Available WORLDWIDE! Sign up here: …

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24 thoughts on “TOTAL FORGIVENESS: Grant and Ally’s Fight to the Debt

  1. Young White adults learn the high cost of White privilege. How will your Humanities and Social Science degrees help pay off your crippling debt in an economy bloated with cheap migrant labor AND still have enough for reparation programs? Find out more on College "Humor".

  2. A hard thing to relate to. If it was possible to get half the jobs college grads walk into after bullshitting their way through college I would feel a lot more sympathy for the student loans thing. Literally the only thing that bars me from those jobs is that college degree. I have over a decade of relevant work experience but can't get a job in my field if it pays a living wage. Because those positions are reserved for college grads.

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