Tosh.0 – CeWEBrity Profile – Shoenice

Daniel creates his own telethon to help out a homeless YouTube star who will eat almost anything. About Tosh.0: Tosh.0 is a weekly topical series hosted by …

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45 thoughts on “Tosh.0 – CeWEBrity Profile – Shoenice

  1. Im very pleased that this dipshit has ruined his life. Also 98 percent of stupid men, and he is fucking stupid, claim to have been injured in desert storm. This dbag most likely never served

  2. Too bad he's a scamming fraud bum. Dude is such a tool he pretends he was in in a war when in reality he just filled water tanks for the real troops lol. He also didn't lose money and get evicted, his wife kicked him the fuck out and took the kids away because he's a drunk, a scammer, and a pathalogical liar. Now he sits on twitch with like 10 viewers wasted and he just tells his fans how he's gonna fuck their mother and kill their family. the dude is a fucking lunatic.

  3. He’s such a liar YouTube didn’t do anything it was the Drinking And drug abuse and abusing his wife physically and mentally that caused him to lose his family this man is mentally disturbed

  4. Desert storm was not a war. The military does not always in list the brightest and the best. He also failed out of the service as a cook. Shoenice is a loser going no where and he will steal from you,if you let the liar.

  5. If he wasn't such a compulsive liar, he'd have a few more fans. The helicopter landing on his head thing… the wife kicking him out over "YouTube Fame" (he had a pill addiction and wouldn't try and stop for his family)… I don't even believe he used to eat weird shit as a kid because he was "hungry". You really can't believe anything he says.

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