Time Machine Prank

This mad scientist is already in the past, he’s in 2010 and he invented a time machine that will bring him even further in the past …

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21 thoughts on “Time Machine Prank

  1. Guys if the time manchine was in really life with age you choose down here.

    1010 Roman Empire Age

    1045 Madieval

    1872 Napoleon War

    1918 USSR born

    1923 Lenin dead

    1933 Nazi born

    1934 Hitler get power

    1939 WW2

    1943 Nazi Weak

    1945 The WW2 end Hitler dead

    1950 Cold War

    1962 Stalin dead

    1966 Creppy age

    1970 Random age

    1990 Safe USSR?

    1991 USSR collapsed

    2000 peaceful and nice poeple age

    2008 the day i am born

    2012 Modern age

    2013 Poeple lost humanity age

    2018 We now on ☆

    2019 The WW3 Start

    2020 USSR and nazi back?

    2022 Future near

    2036 Robot Created age

    2125 Future.

    9999 The end of the world

    Please choose one.

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