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Florida Governor Rick Scott forbids some state officials from using the term “climate change,” and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg campaigns against the word …

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43 thoughts on “The Nightly Show – Word Police & Knowledge College

  1. Isn't Jesus an (Alien)? He was nailed to a cross, stabbed with a spear, didn't leak blood, sealed in a tomb, moved a giant bolder all by himself and rose from the dead? If that doesn't say space Alien from another planet nothing will.  And guess what he's coming back to do? Destroy mankind. But he's allowed in the country with no questions asked. Go figure

  2. I'm not about banning words, but the problem with 'bossy' is that it implies illegitimacy- if you're boss-like or boss-esque, you're not the boss. Men are never 'bossy' because they're assumed to be in charge….women are 'bossy' when they act like they're in charge because they're assumed not to be. So hey, don't ban it, but don't use it unless you understand what you're saying.

  3. Honestly words that are considered as offensive, might not actually be offensive at the same time. But the problem is, so many people use them as insults. So it became slurs. I mean, for example, I'm sorry for this but, negro really just means black. But people use it to degenerate African – Americans so you're not allowed to say it anymore, even if you don't mean any harm.

  4. Banning words is the stupidest fucking idea and is just a way to prohibit free speech, they're words, they're sounds you make with your mouth, theirs nothing inherently offensive about them, if you choose to be offended then that's your problem, i'm not saying people who say bad things should have no consequences, if someone insults me i'm allowed to retaliate, but i wouldnt want to make it illegal for people to insult me, its their choice and they should be allowed to say what they want

  5. 'Politically correct' is an ironic phrase… because we know from experience it's most often the political part that is incorrect. Facts don't care about the politics. Facts are just correct. Far too many arguments in media are about 'these facts make me uncomfortable, therefore it's a controversy, therefore my side should be treated as equal to the facts.'

  6. When people talk about banning, they don't mean putting punishments in place for using them. It's not a literal ban- they just mean, "hey, let's stop using this word and when people around you use it, let them know that that's not cool." A literal ban is ridiculous, but it's just a shorthand way of saying, 'let's stop using it,' which doesn't sound nearly as cool in a PSA.

  7. I know gypsies who call themselves gypsies though…i just sort of thought they were like nomads or something similar, why is it offensive? Genuinely wanting to be informed here

  8. First winter in New York? But i thought you were one of the writers for the Richard Pryor NBC program? Must have recorded in Cali or not in a winter in New York. And what about the Daily Show? I'm confused.

  9. The progressive left is turning into the new Christian Right. The left have taken to promoting censorship and thought crime like a duck to water. The hypocrisy really pisses me off because now when I saw I am a liberal I have to qualify it by saying
    "but I ain't one of those nut bags that will call you a misogynist for for being sexually attracted to only sexually attractive women, I won't call you a racist for asking about my hair, I won't call you a bigot for thinking using the acronym LGTB and forgetting there is now a "Q" on the end of that"

  10. Modern universities are big on their 'trigger words'.  Its kind of pathetic really.  Part of growing up is learning how to deal with offense (learning its only ever taken, not given, and sometimes its best to just resist the urge).  Focus on education and learning to be an adult, not coddling people into such a sensitive state that they break down the moment they step foot into the real world (or internet).

  11. Except that g*p actually is an offensive term, because it's related to the term g*psy, which is a racial slur to romani people, and draws back to an ugly stereotypes that they are thieves. I agree that the other terms should not be banned, but g*p actually should be.

  12. "Climate change" is the phrase invented by the science-deniers to describe 'global warming'…
    but now they don't even want it called 'climate change'. 

  13. Bossy bitches are trying to limit adjectives to describe them. Maybe we should use different terminology then.
    The word "authoritarian" fits well, don't you think?

  14. You said we all have our words that offend us. Wrong! White, heterosexual males don't have a word that is offensive to them.
    Go on, try me, say anything to me and see if I cry like a little bitch.

    On a side note, the audience are fuckin' annoying. They don't react right away, and then when they hear a couple of other people reacting slightly, they start clapping, whooping and cheering like a bunch of unruly baboons. If you didn't find it applause-worthy after he said it, then you shouldn't find it applause-worthy after a couple of other people applaud.
    It's like they don't want to be left out, or seen as not getting the joke, so they copy everyone else, the stupid sheep.
    "WOOOOOOOOOOO!" – How in the name of Christ can you not know that's irritating?

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