The Nightly Show – Recap – Week of 4/11/16

Hillary Clinton makes an awkward pronouncement in New York, Donald Trump (Bob DiBuono) boasts about his respect for the rules, and Bernie Sanders …

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14 thoughts on “The Nightly Show – Recap – Week of 4/11/16

  1. Please enable fan captioning on your videos. Accessibility should be a priority.

    Edit: I specified my request to include on the enabling of fan caption. I realized that fan captions are important for people who don't speak English.

  2. There is a petition to ask Dr. Neil Degrass Tyson to be Bernie's VP. If you think he should consider this like this comment.
    You have to admit having a world renown physicist as a VP would definitely support federal support for scientific research environmental conservation and revolutionizing our energy system, and Tyson has good relations with the public.

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