The Nightly Show – Panel – Bag of Grabs

Egypt Sherrod, Rory Albanese, Robert Reich and JB Smoove debate the value of fraternities and the significance of Westerners’ attempts to join ISIS. ** Watch …

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6 thoughts on “The Nightly Show – Panel – Bag of Grabs

  1. Elitist? You bet. Serve useful purposes? Doubtful. Teach bros to network on into the future? Without a doubt. Is that a good thing? Depends on the morals the bro brought from home. 
    What needs to happen is U. top echelon of administrators need to suffer same indignities victims go through to learn a bit about empathy and take this issue seriously; not their bottom line being held as the priority.

  2. This woman is really out of touch with the reality for freshman applicants planning to go to college. Im in the process of applying and deciding where to go, and nobody, not my friends or people i've read online, give any thought to what sorority or frat each school has. That is completely irrelevant when choosing a college. Getting rid of the frats and sororities would have absolutely 0 effect on application numbers. She needs a reality check. We actually do want to learn, because its a lot harder now than it was 10-20 years ago to get into anywhere. Us freshman applicants are fucked by foreign applicants who have much better credentials because of how their society values education versus ours. American students are starting to have a slight disadvantage that I'm scared will prevent Americans from getting good American jobs and even a spot in college.

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