The Infinisphereb

The worst part of a glowing orb that contains the collected knowledge of human history? Tech support. See our videos a month earlier at …

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42 thoughts on “The Infinisphereb

  1. Damn. Seems so long ago when College Humor actually put out original and funny content. Nowadays it seems it's all ads and Jake & Amir skits that ceased to be funny a million episodes ago.

  2. uhh watched it. actually a legit catch. his right shoulder/right hand reaches towards the sphere, but then his left hand is the one on the sphere. you can tell by the placement of the thumb. not that it matters really

  3. umm…. no. because of youtube becoming more greedy, most people who have videos of thier own on their accounts, thier videos will be deleted if they don't have a large amount of viewers/subscribers because they don't make youtube money. it's retarded.

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