The Honeymoon Tour – Las Vegas – Uncensored

Natasha has second thoughts about a hotel for an upcoming trip to Amsterdam, and a woman is anxious for her older boyfriend to pop the question. Watch more …

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16 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Tour – Las Vegas – Uncensored

  1. Always cringey to watch a dumbass white girl thinking a nigga gonna marry her and stay with her happily ever after. What a dumb bitch. She deserves to be the inevitable single mother.

  2. This is best of Natasha, I find this female perspective so much more funny when played in real life. Her husband does have good advice. And I like to see the contrast of her snob routine and her caring features.

  3. "It's free, right?" Just in case you weren't sure he was Jewish. My man. That and his complaint about the "price-point" of luxury makes me so happy- he stole the words from my mouth. I could pay out the ass for A+ accommodations, or I could get C+ accommodations for free… hmmmm…. who I am, the King of England? C+ is just fine, especially with such a perfect price.

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