The Daily Show – John Oliver’s Australia & Gun Control’s Aftermath

John Oliver learns that it’s pointless for America to study the Australian gun control experience because the situations are just too similar. Watch full episodes of …

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34 thoughts on “The Daily Show – John Oliver’s Australia & Gun Control’s Aftermath

  1. For what's it's worth. I am a gun collector with some 150 firearms in a family gun trust woryh some $150,000.00. I support extensive background checks. I support gun registration. I support a waiting period of 10 days. And if a government buy back program that paid me for the acrtual value of my weapons was set up, I'd participate as long as the four adult members of the trust could keep a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol. I'm not a paranoid conspiracy theorist but as long as firearms are legal I will continue to purchase high quality historical firearms because they hold their value and always appreciate. I don't think for a moment that my puny weapons hoard would be of the slightest use against an organized militarey force.

  2. Disarm the nation, and then flood the country with non-white immigration. How is that working out in UK or Australia? London has now a higher murder rate than New York, despite people not being allowed to have even a pepper spray and Melbourne has serious issues with Negroes turning the city into a warzone.

  3. So if people are the problem… Get rid of them and leave the guns…solved. You remember America? It used to have people but now it just littered with guns laying all over the place.

  4. I can only say if there is one thing John Howard can be proud of is pushing through this gun control thing for Australia. America is just living in the past and in self-denial. And of yes, change the 2nd Amendment. It'll pave the way.

  5. In 1988 they had 3,5 million firearms in Australia, illegaly and legally owned. 2005 its the same amount. It's not the gun control. It's just fewer mass shootings , really.

  6. If americunts are afraid of getting "stabbed" then they seriously have an issue amongst their psycho citizens.

    Cuz guess what, people in Singapore, Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia certainly aren't stabbing each other, despite being immigrant countries.

    So your logic is retarded americunts

  7. Australia, like most of the west, is "progressive", ie, it assumes things just got better by some inevitable process of history without anyone having to do anything and will automatically continue to get better. Americans don't make that assumption. I'm neither American nor Australian. I come out of the same western "progressive" school as Australians, but the older I get, the more I think the Americans are right.

  8. Although I am against complete abolition of guns. I agree there should be more comprehansive background checks when buying and selling guns to people. Unfortunately gun control in this country and specifically in California started out on some pretty shady grounds. Look up the Mulford act and the black panthers. Gun legislation in California was just a response to the black panthers carrying guns in response to the police brutality going on in Oakland and places like it. Neither republicans or democrats opposed the measure to prohibit open carry. Of course once those laws started affecting Caucasians, Nixon who ironically, was governor of California when the Mulford act was passed, Switched his political stance to Pro gun. Something tells me that If further gun control measures are passed, they are not going to be enforced equally

  9. The difference? America is evil, every level of government is corrupted… From the local town government all the way to Washington… We've had our share of mass shootings and murders, but we've also had Ruby Ridge and Wako… The only reason one happens more often than the other fear… If every american citizen who was wronged by thier government retaliated against the injustice they suffered at the hands of the a police officer, there would be another revolution TODAY!!

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