The Daily Show – Dad Bods

Kristen Schaal compares the relative societal expectations between the dad bod and momshell trends sweeping the media. * Watch the latest full episode of The …

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35 thoughts on “The Daily Show – Dad Bods

  1. Dunno about this Mabel everyone's talking about, I see and hear nothing but Mel from Flight of the Conchords. Which is delightful in and of itself, to be sure… also, anyone else notice her saying something about another woman having to wear a certain kind of dress "to stop tempting the rest of us ?" That felt like it might be hinting at something.^^

  2. hmm in all the clips of moms being held to a higher standard, the commentators were all women.

  3. When men are loosing their figure we are told to find that sexy, when women are loosing their figure they are told to shape up.
    Double standards at their finest.

  4. The woman dating the dad bod guy will only dump or cheat on him later and eventually end up with a better looking guy who takes care of himself. That, or still a fat guy who makes a lot of $$$

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