The Colbert Report – Nancy Pelosi Interview

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi talks about the legislative victories achieved during her tenure as Speaker of the House. The Comedy Central app has full …

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46 thoughts on “The Colbert Report – Nancy Pelosi Interview

  1. Anyone else remember when Comedy Central wasn't controlled by Corrupt Fuckhead Far Leftists? South Park called out the global warming SCAM in their Earth Day episode. Now you can't say anything negative about the Democratic Party on their network even if it's just citing severely basic scientific and economic facts.

  2. The left is legitimately the group for hypocrites, witches, sasquach, yogi the bear, unicorns, and Mickey. Im running for president like Mario and Im getting rid of the national debt by (and to be politically correct) taking my white italian enlgish speaking japanese plumber around to collect coins. I will trade you world peace for a mushroom, green shell and 5 stars. Your turn bowser shall we negotiate healthcare through a few games of street fighter? Maybe play a little pokemon with the education system, are we fucking twelve, Does this bitch still believe in Sanata Claus. Whats the easter bunny got to say about plitical correctness maybe he doesnt wanna be on a catholic holiday again. Can someone punch schummer in the face so he doesnt breathe like brainy in Hey Arnold anymore and pelosi too cause she sounds like sid the sloth from iceage and I can't take them seriously. Also just so you know whos side Im on Trump is definetly bighead from rockos modern life. All this means is Im voting Keenan for president this year unless the dems decide to go with thor. I can live with thor, hes got great Ideas on energy but despises border walls.

  3. I know this video is old but how could no one notice how ridiculous it is that this stuttering and stammering woman is talking about being SPEAKER of the house?

  4. Davis Pittman lives in lala land. She doesn't stand for anything. She can barely stand, let alone think. I can see the painful expression on her face when she is required to think. She and others like her are what is wrong with the country. Same old crap. Take the guns from law abiding citizens, kiss the butts of gays just because they are gay (and the minority), letting people in illegally and treating them better than tax paying citizens etc. Go to hell Pelosi where you belong you witch!

  5. When this disgusting whore Nancy pelosi finally dies I am going to throw a huge badass party to celebrate I'm talking beer by the fucking keg its going to be awesome

  6. I don't understand how the ACA is constitutional. How can you force someone to get health insurance. Not that long ago the government was paying people to take their families and belongings on a treacherous journey in a wagon and take a plot if land to settle. Now if you drive your car a little to fast or don't strap up your seatbelt it costs you an obscene amount of money. Didn't know I was paying for a babysitter with my taxes.

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