The Colbert Report – Better Know a District – Ohio’s 11th – Marcia Fudge Pt. 1

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge describes the many things Cleveland has to offer, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to state-of-the-art face transplants.

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28 thoughts on “The Colbert Report – Better Know a District – Ohio’s 11th – Marcia Fudge Pt. 1

  1. One reason I love Cleveland is that's where the last steel factory is, thanks to Dennis Kucinich – who wasn't assassinated in the parade because the sniper didn't know Dennis had strep throat and didn't attend.
    Also I adore 'A Christmas Story' – I watch it during the year, not just during the holiday season. 🙂
    Yeah Marcia!!!

  2. Hey, Mitch McConnell was NOT SINGING "We Shall Overcome" on MLK Day! As an old white woman in a red ex-Confederate state, I call that out as racist! Chickenshit Mitch is using white-trash code by not even moving his lips! Shame on him!

  3. Please someone find the first 10 Better Know A District's, 
    They are hilarious, Barney Frank had no Idea but he had absolutely NO sense of humour. Great Congressman though.
    The Republican Evangelical Christian Congressman who can't remember 4 of the 10 commandments is sweet.
    Congresssman Laxalt?Democrat? from Florida-a great sense of humour-
    too great, he destroyed his chance for a major political career on Colberts show!

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