The Caged Elf and the Crown (Pt 2)

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49 thoughts on “The Caged Elf and the Crown (Pt 2)

  1. I want this to be like an origin story, like all these ex-generals flee the bloodkeep and start their own evil empire from the ground up, become their own lords and ladies of shadows

  2. Too bad, I actually liked this series when it started with the first story line but they just started just showing it on their DROPOUT app. So I lose interest. That's why I am not even seen this one because I know they are just going to stop showing on youtube. I know ppl want to make more money but there are wayyyyy to many stream apps right now. ppl dont want to pay for a new one lol. That's why YouTube works. Because is all in one.

  3. "The wyverns broke out of their enchantments, and ate their fill, and fled to the mountains."

    Sokhbar told Leland in the beginning to feed their wyverns properly. This is what happens.

  4. Just finished this season on dropout and honestly just sad about leaving these characters and actors behind, whom I honestly prefer to last seasons cast, even though they were great too.

  5. Okay so why did they keep hamhead alive? Also when the Minos turned on them should’nt they just forget retracting the Darklord , and just run to different conners of the earth and wait for the war between the forces of light and dark to blow over?

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