The Best Relationship Moments From Inside Amy Schumer

From one-night stands and sexting to couple’s counseling and breakups, there’s no part of relationships that Inside Amy Schumer didn’t absolutely nail.

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37 thoughts on “The Best Relationship Moments From Inside Amy Schumer

  1. Yuck 🤢 i'd rather put my dick in a garbage disposal and flip the switch….it would be more of Romantic experience than being any where near that sewage soup also known as the flappy meat curtains that makes up the gross potato bag whose government name should've been Matilda or Bertha but its Amy Schumer

  2. It's funny people say they like her because she was a joke theif, but if you look at the dislike ratio on Carlos Mencia or Robin Williams videos it would show they like who ever delivers the joke no matter who created it. They just hate Amy because she is a woman.

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