The Best Demon – DRAWFEE SHOW

Join Nathan and Caldwell as they draw the best demon on this week’s Drawfee Show! See more LIKE us on: …

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48 thoughts on “The Best Demon – DRAWFEE SHOW

  1. what mockery! i do not have one horn, yet i am a formidable demon! a cat with a dark and light side. but, the light side has a dark eye and only see's bad things so is discouraged, and the dark side that has a white eye only wants to destroy the light things. also, iv'e won the gruesome demon championships three times in a row, and i eat 6 souls a day. i challenge any brave enough demons here in the comments to top that!!!

  2. This demon looks kind of Japanese, what with those horns looking like a samurai helmet.
    I'm sorry but I can't worship anything Japanese.
    You should have made him look like he could dominate the world, not be adored by it.
    Nice try though.

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