Stuck Lady VS Chainsaw Maniac

| Subscribe! A girl with a broken leg gets stuck through metal bars and a crazy man with a chainsaw offers to …

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44 thoughts on “Stuck Lady VS Chainsaw Maniac

  1. I don't see what so crazy about the idea of using the chainsaw to remove the cast. It's pretty save as long as you don't try to cut all the way through. Of course she'd have to go to the hospital afterwards anyway to recast her leg so it may be smarter to call an ambulance and let a pro do it.

  2. or..or..I'm just going to snowball off the other ideas. She would of said that her like crazy ex was chasing her and then he could show up with a chainsaw. idk

  3. if it was gory it wouldn't be appropriate for a prank as: 1. it would cause great distress to the participants 2. it would be inappropriate for television…unless of course it was not gory, in which case the prank would be unconvincing

  4. They should have got someone without a leg, attached a fake leg with plaster and inside with some red goo which seeped out when cut through, and have the guy actually cut the fake plaster off with the chainsaw!

  5. @l1998 rofl, i study people who study people who say they are first, and i say you sir, have really low self confidence…people who dont give a fuck will just ignore it, people like you are the ones who really have low self confidence

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