Steve Rannazzisi – Rock'n'Roll Ralphs – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

While on a mission for a late-night snack, a very drunk Steve Rannazzisi gets into a heated argument in a Ralphs parking lot in. The Comedy Central app has full …

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30 thoughts on “Steve Rannazzisi – Rock'n'Roll Ralphs – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

  1. After the whole "if you have red hair, no one wants to fuck you" tirade at 5:01, I spy with my little eye, at 5:21, a quite fetching red-head on the lower right, wearing a light green shirt.

    I would f___ her.

  2. What is wrong with these “comedians” that their minds and lives are soooo boring that we have to keep hearing drunken/drugged moron antics?!? You can throw a rock and will hit some doofus with a story like that. Lordy is it stupid. They have no thoughts and no ideas and no interesting events in their lives it seems

  3. When you marry someone after a certain story you are telling, you often refer to them as your “wife” in the story because it is his wife today. She was his girlfriend at the time but now they are married so she is his wife. This is some hive mind shit because everyone thinks it’s fake for that one reason.

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