Star Words – R2-D2 Translations – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

Jamie Lee, Matt McCarthy and Pete Holmes guess what R2-D2 may have been saying in classic scenes from “Star Wars.” Watch full episodes of @midnight …

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34 thoughts on “Star Words – R2-D2 Translations – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

  1. "Dude, back up!! That's your sister!!"
    "Ooh. They're looking good. This third wheel is not a foot."
    Is anyone going to clean me?? I am very expensive.
    Is there any shade?? I'm R2-D2, not SPF- 100."
    "(In deep voice), Snoop, I am your father."

  2. "Dude back up, that's your sister!" R2, always helpful, always looking out for his owner. not only is he a finely constructed astromech droid, he also has excellent and high quality wingman programming.

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