Sister Wants Brother to Stop Singing | AFV

In this prize-winning clip from AFV, a boy is just trying to hit the right notes when his sister yells at him to shut up! SUBSCRIBE: Want a …

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21 thoughts on “Sister Wants Brother to Stop Singing | AFV

  1. i saw this on AFV & before he starts he explains that he's gonna MOCK his sister cuz apparently she's the singer and sings that song…you see he looks up to see if she heard it…then AFTER she screams.. he talks to the camera…and she said something else..i forgot what it was!/// im also not happy they cut the video before he talks..and also starts AFTER he explains he's doing a spoof…& i dont see the full version anywhere…i've lost it in my recordings…darn it…cant someone post the full version? jeez!

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