Sharing Personal Finance Trauma with Gaby Dunn – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

Gaby Dunn and Nikki bond over the anxiety of growing up without knowing whether you’re rich or poor and talk about how transparency has helped them …

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19 thoughts on “Sharing Personal Finance Trauma with Gaby Dunn – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

  1. that last part — I remember hearing back in the day that the really popular home makeover show from like 15 years ago also had problems with giving people houses they couldn't afford taxes on.

  2. Nikki, as a father of little girls going through this right now…my wife comes from money(not like…money money…her dad was in the Navy), i was born to a crackhead. Different in every way. She doesn't want them knowing about how much money/finance problems we have. I grew up knowing I was poor, so I don't understand why she says it, but she tells me it's to protect them from the anxiety or stress that finances put on us as parents. FYI.

  3. A lot of the avoidance of discussing earnings is from bosses telling their employees they can't discuss their pay rate. I have never had a problem discussing how much I make and it really opens up a lot of doors for me because someone will tell me I should be making this much more cause that's the minimum at a job.

  4. So, this is the first time I've heard the term "waterline", and I was curious so I looked it up. As a dude, I thought that was where all chicks put their eyeliner. What's the alternative?

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