Scandal in the Wind – Nickelback Rules – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

After looking at a scandalous, doctored photo of a presidential candidate, Heather Anne Campbell, Jon Daly and James Adomian spin what’s happening into …

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20 thoughts on “Scandal in the Wind – Nickelback Rules – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

  1. Google says: No results found for "trump with bin laden during final days" new york times.

    Are you a comedy show or are you just another propaganda machine? 2:47

    Oh sorry, obviously fake. I forgot that we're supposed to know the difference…

  2. OK…he really has done his work compared to earlier BS impressions…he's nailing this guy…keep working on this James…you should be on EVERY late night show as Bernie and see your career take off!!! Now he needs to go off into Larry from the 3 Stooges and back to Bernie!!!

  3. I dont know that they mocking him or ruining his chance as front runner, Or they support him with positive light with Soos voice put they forget that he Secular Jewish so why they used Uncle Stan voice?

  4. Bernie Sanders is the second coming of Martin Van Buren, in the significance that President Van Buren was the only democrat to be elected after a different democrat, without the first democrat dying.

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