Russell Westbrook Is Not to Be Messed With – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

Sports fans show their dark side – one picking a fight with a soccer player and another getting himself permanently banned from Utah Jazz games for heckling …

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30 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook Is Not to Be Messed With – The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project

  1. Its not the Premier League; its the Championship they play in. Also although totally wrong. You could explain also that this is one of the toughest fiercest derby games going on in the UK which also led to it too.

  2. When they played the clip of the guy going "she was sitting down the entire time" i lost it, I feel like bringing his wife into it was the best thing he could've done, because as soon as he went "and your wife too" it went from just him yelling at a fan and threatening him to just being hilarious. I didnt even know who Russell Westbrook was before this clip and now i just have this respect for him, like yeah, if you say your gonna f*** someone up tell em your gonna do it to his wife too while looking right at her.

  3. Since this is comedy central, I would assume that this person is joking about how he thinks that Europeans are crazier than Americans because a player got punch by a football(soccer) fan, while in game. What made this joke even funnier is that he compared a mass shooter American to a hardcore football(soccer) European fan and still still deemed Europeans are crazier….. Smh 😩

  4. Yeah, I agree with his example, comparing school shootings in America is a perfect comparison to football fans running on to the field in Europe…and what was I thinking that the shootings are worse, what do I know, running onto a pitch is obviously worse and then Americans wonder why they're called morons

  5. Knowing what I know now I wish I had a chance to say what Westbrook said to Obama and his wife, Bill Clinton and his wife and definitely Trump and his wife…

  6. Why that fan thought it was okay to make racist comments to a black man is beyond me but we not here for the disrespect or the BS…. white ppl stay trippin over themselves.. Westbrook was totally right to check that fan and his wife.. shit last wk a kid hit Westbrook and he had to check the kid and the parent.. wtf.. stfd and watch the game… good talk yall..

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