Running Into Your Ex | CH Shorts

The sport where both teams lose! Ally runs into her ex girlfriend at a party, and we watch as she attempts to find a way out with minimal damage. CH Shorts …

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45 thoughts on “Running Into Your Ex | CH Shorts

  1. I can really relate to the bi "Really, you have no idea how complicate the situation with exes could be" of Grant.
    I once with my girlfriend met my ex-boyfriend with his new boyfriend. Who I've found out in that occasion being my new girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.


  3. Really funny skit. But am I the only one confused by the premise? How can she be her ex if they’re both women? Does she mean like they used to be friends or something? And why were the two girls in the beginning getting so close to one another? I guess they must have been going for the shock factor with all the sex references. Pretty absurd and far fetched notion but funny none the less 🙂 thanks college humor!

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