Rickshaw FAIL !

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42 thoughts on “Rickshaw FAIL !

  1. The smile at the end was fake..Now they will go on dieting for a month..Whatever you do,but you don't make fun on womens weight and age…😓

  2. It seems there is no one to give an accurate and scientific risk assessment of this gag so I will provide one for you.

    This was a very dangerous gag since when the rickshaw fell to one side it offset the earth's axis by 20 degrees. This would wreak havoc on the seasons which would cause crops to fail. Subsequently the economies that rely solely on agriculture would crash causing widespread famine and poverty. This would cause widespread immigration to regions near the equator, where it is still viable to grow crops, however this mass immigration would cause the earth to rotate faster due to physics, as a result it would start to fling its inhabitants into the cold reaches of space where they will perish of loneliness since it is a well known fact you cant hear people talk in space.

    What ya think?

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