Radioactive Meat Test

Don’t you hate it when you’re at the grocery store and the meat you just picked out is… radioactive? Not to worry, our experts are on the spot to inject all sorts of …

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46 thoughts on “Radioactive Meat Test

  1. They should have had it where they have free samples…then when the person tries it and eats it, a bunch of employees in hazmat suits come out after, wave around detectors, then tells them they need a shot because they swallowed radioactive meat, so then they take out a syringe, and jab it into their eyeball. 

    Okay well, they can stop short of injecting it into their eyeball, or they can have an actor and pretend to inject it into their eyeball, while they watch in horror as they are held to be next in line to get the treatment.

  2. I really do think that this prank is dangerous. The meat could have a dangerous bacteria, and while they're facepalming, the are pretty much infecting their face…

    Oh whoops I forgot. The meat was… radioactive… … … radioactive…

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