Our Real Office Romances Aren’t Like “The Office”

The group looks back at some classic moments from “The Office” to figure out if any form of workplace romance is worth it. About Every Damn Day: Every Damn …

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20 thoughts on “Our Real Office Romances Aren’t Like “The Office”

  1. Don’t even have to watch the video to answer “no shit Sherlock” to the title. Any person in their right mind would know that finding love in the workplace is completely dead. Third wave feminism killed it and MGTOW is just a symptom that is promoting it. We’re not gonna get along until people learn to love one another unconditionally simply because we’re all human and all share this planet together, whether we like it or not. It is important to spread love even to those who hate because if your love is strong enough then maybe they’ll learn to love too. Idc who u are, idc what political party has indoctrinated you, and frankly I don’t care if you hate me either. I’m never gonna stop loving everyone on this planet regardless of who they are because that’s the only way we’re ever gonna be friends again. If you are reading this comment, I love you so much, not in a romantic way but in a human way. That’s my PSA, I love u folks and god bless.

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