Orphaned Baby Raccoon Is Taken In By Dogs – 2 Yrs Later – AFV

This orphaned raccoon sure did quickly adapt to his new adoptive family! It’s your daily adorable from America’s Funniest Home Videos. SUBSCRIBE: …

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30 thoughts on “Orphaned Baby Raccoon Is Taken In By Dogs – 2 Yrs Later – AFV

  1. I just worry that the dogs owner might let the raccoon in the house. Raccoons are wonderful animals but they carry a worm that is in their poop that cannot be killed by heat or bleach and can eat human brains. Im not joking. This is the ONLY reason I dont have Raccoons as pets. I love them

  2. While it's cute in this case and I'm glad that the orphaned raccoon found some friends to "hang" with, my dog (pictured as my profile) was just innocently checking out a raccoon in our front yard and ended up being attacked by the raccoon. He ended up at the animal hospital with multiple lacerations on his head that came dangerously close to his eyes. While raccoons are cute, please remember that raccoons are still WILD animals, can carry rabies, and should be admired and enjoyed, but with a healthy respect and from a distance in most cases. I would hate to hear that a child saw this video and got the wrong idea that all raccoons are cute and cuddly… I wouldn't want to see that child end up in the same situation as my dog. Food for thought.

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