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  1. Am i the only one who likes getting spoiled? Because most of the modern series always end up in traffic note, I don't want to invest in a series which I know the main characters or his/her lover is going to die a horrible death. Before you yawn about realism and shite. This is fiction. If I want realism I'll watch the news, it had more tragedies than all of Shakespearean books combined.

  2. If you qualify a question you ask a friends with "and I'm only up to season 2", it's reasonable to expect them to put in an effort about avoiding spoilers. Post the same question online, and it's 50/50 between people being considerate and putting up a neon sign for trolls.

  3. 'I mean I can't believe you're character…' dies. She dies. She's killed by the Trinity killer in a bathtub, Dexter comes home to find his son in the blood…. 'born in blood', just like him. Sends him down a spiral of depression, he tries to care for the kids, by Aster goes all dmi and leaves. Shit gets bad. Wonder how many lives I just ruined😀. Great series though 👍

  4. No. Fuck. You get a couple days after an episode and two weeks after a movie. Not going to sit here and hold out on discussing a movie or episode on social media because they can't find time for it.

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