Not Safe with Nikki Glaser – Debunking Gay Stereotypes (feat. Nick Thune & Todd Glass) – Uncensored

Todd Glass talks about coming out as a gay man, then does his best to undo stereotypes about gay men with Nick Thune and Nikki. Watch full episodes of Not …

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36 thoughts on “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser – Debunking Gay Stereotypes (feat. Nick Thune & Todd Glass) – Uncensored

  1. Still, it is hard to accept the fact that gays are there. Sorry to say that, coz I'm like for equal rights, respect, and so on.. Maybe the reason is in that agressive self-promotion worldwide. Have gay firends though, who don't scream about their gayness, coz they don't need it to feel confident.

  2. It's actually funny to hear any stereotypes discussed and talked about directly between the party in question and others like this- it would actually be a good format for part of a show generally.

  3. Todd Glass is hilarious! I'm straight as an arrow and a conservative but I like some musicals, enjoy the arts, have acted and sang in musicals, done stand up comedy and improv and can write poetry. I'm also a redneck that shoots and hunts, boxed and enjoys combat sports. Stereotypes exist for a reason but they aren't true of everyone in any particular group.

  4. How they missed the elephant in the room. The biggest stereyotype that ' all gay men are feminin.' I hoped they debuncked that stereotype. By the way, Todd is amazing!

  5. I love Nikki Glaser. I've always thought Todd Glass was truly funny. So tired of non funny talkers getting Netflix specials these days to be not funny no a subscription basis. Todd, I'm a straight guy with a lot of respect for you.

  6. we generally need more of this. Not just with gay stereotypes but any stereotypes! These were all great examples for sociological explanations for general logical errors in common sense

  7. It bothers me how much people don't understand how debunking stereotypes work; saying you don't fit into that specific stereotype does not debunk it, it just says you're not part of it. Afterall, stereotypes are supposed to cover the majority of a given demographic not the minority.

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