Nikki Glaser – Push & Believe with Brody Stevens

Brody treats guest Nikki Glaser to one of the finer things in life: prune juice. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.

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50 thoughts on “Nikki Glaser – Push & Believe with Brody Stevens

  1. I wonder if brode thought that life itself wasnโ€™t worth living, or that specifically his life wasnโ€™t. Well either way, he was wrong. RIP Steven, I love you. Some people are leaving comments on here saying how he wasnโ€™t funny. They must not get it. For me, he was on the same wavelength as Mitch Hedberg.

  2. I'll be honest. I never was a fan of Brody's stand up. But this type of thing, bouncing off of other comedians.

    If he could have started a podcast with all different guests, I think he could have been one if the big ones.

    It's hard to tell which is funnier, him saying off the wall shit and just being the weirdo he was, or how the other people often struggle with how they should reply.

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