Never Listen to Your Coworkers’ Vacation Recommendations – Corporate

After overhearing some colleagues talk about a hot vacation destination, Kate decides to pack up and go. (Contains strong language.) About Corporate: …

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33 thoughts on “Never Listen to Your Coworkers’ Vacation Recommendations – Corporate

  1. This how everyone beefs up Vegas. Then u get there spend all your money on gambling and prostitution, dine at terrible buffets where everything has been sneezed on, pass hundreds of homeless guys with dogs and signs of stuff they’ll let u do to them for $20 on the strip….

    And come back telling everyone u know they just HAVE TO GO!

  2. Likewise, movie recommendations. Several years ago throughout this particular day, one by one, my co-workers RAVED about a movie newly showing in theaters and insisted that I take my new date, stating "Oh, yes, she'll LOVE it!"

    The next day, there was raucous laughter as each one of them asked, "So, how did you like it?" It was then I realized they had conspired the whole thing. Needless to say, the movie was soooo bad, there wasn't a second date. 😂

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