Nathan For You – Fixing Computer Repair

After picking up on a big problem with computer repair shops, Nathan comes up with a solution. Watch full episodes of Nathan For You now: …

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38 thoughts on “Nathan For You – Fixing Computer Repair

  1. Is he like that in real life?

    I mean he gets everything wrong. He goes only by what people say not by what they say and do ( missing out cues of disgust, disinterest). He asks, and double asks for consent, every time he does something?

    Why doesn't anyone talk about this :))

  2. “So you’re saying that you pleasure yourself at home so much that it doesn’t affect you at work. “
    Jesus. I hope he doesn’t feel embarrassed about that. I mean, it’s only natural

  3. That is not a definition for 'sexual person' but for 'voyeur'. ??

    And for those of you concerned with Nathan's medical problem, it's a rare condition called 'Pixelated Penis'. Painful but not deadly.

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