Molly Austin Wants Men to Know That They Were Almost a Period – Up Next – Uncensored

Molly Austin brags about the amount of money she has to buy toilet paper and explains why men are hypocrites to call women’s periods “gross.” Subscribe to …

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45 thoughts on “Molly Austin Wants Men to Know That They Were Almost a Period – Up Next – Uncensored

  1. There is no speciel light to see blood, well yes there is it's the same as for semen, as you are trying to get the proteins to light up, and it can even be seen for many more years than semen too.

  2. I kind of liked it here and there but . But. Sadly there IS a lamp to see old removed bloodstains with so.. And the not removed ones dont need a lamp for. And it did happen i forgot to bin a pad. Or maybe three or four times. To my man's dismay. He is always very tidy , i never find any leftovers in the shower or in his underwear. But otherwise not an entirely bad gig!

  3. I think the reason female comics aren't really funny is because they tell jokes that, for the most part, only women can relate to. When the majority of the population is men, you have to go beyond those feminine jokes in order to reach everyone. These aren't funny at all. They're just downright boring. Even if my opinion was from the perspective of a female, my reaction would be "eh, relatable", but still not funny.

  4. hot. so hot in fact, I kind of want to bang a bih like her. old. not too old. could be your mom. but actually hot and fuckable. uh. I have no idea what she was talking about.

  5. The issue with this skit is the same issue blacks have with the n word. She spends 3 of the 4 mins talking about how sucky periods are then rags on guys for acknowledging that periods suck

  6. Oh man, now I have to downvote everyone that said it was bad because I am for sure making hard assumptions on whether they actually didn't like it or are just uncomfortable with a) a funny womand who b) makes jokes about sexuality and c) calls men out

  7. So my diiiiiiiick? Let me tell you about my dick for the next 5 minutes. My dick is like insert tired metaphor and pause for laughter no really, women don't understand what it's like to have a dick. But let me tell you, my balls? My balls. Manliest ovaries you've ever seen… UGH.

  8. I'm not gonna watch the video I just saw the title. I dont find female comics to be funny. but I do wanna ask if men were almost a period does that mean that women wont? ugly ass horse face slut

  9. So many butthurt men in the comments. They’re just jokes. She had a unique story, having not had her period until she was 17. If men had periods they’d be talking about them all the fucking time.

    And btw Comedy Central are you trying to ruin female comedians’ careers by directly addressing men in clickbait titles? You could’ve called this “Molly Austin didn’t have her period until she was 17,” and then the joke would be on her, and all these spineless oversensitive sandy-vagina dudes wouldn’t feel so threatened.

  10. Honey, if I was your dad & knew you were gonna be that unfunny, you would’ve been shot into an old gym sock that I could have used as a knife at that point.

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