Mistaken Shooter Prank

Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: The last thing you want to be around a cop is a suspected shooter! But you’d never do that right?

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40 thoughts on “Mistaken Shooter Prank

  1. The guy being pranked in this video at 01:00 appears in the JUST KIDDING video   Automatic Fridge door prank at 00:23 – He is wearing the same shirt in both videos but different shoes? Rent a- prank-victim perhaps?

  2. that old man is very smart.. true story.. theres a case in my country where someone was framed to attack the policeman and being killed by the policeman.. i dont remember why but it happen when the victim was given a knife by a policeman and was ask to attack him.. when he hold the knife, the policeman quickly take out his gun and shot him dead.. when caught he claim that the guy was trying to attack him and he had to shoot him dead for defending.. -this story was told by my uncle who is a policeman rank of inspector

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