Magic 8-Ball Murders w/ Eli Roth & Kyle McLachlan

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT: Eli Roth and Kyle McLachlan visit Rekha’s blanket fort to play Charades and do Magic 8-Ball readings.

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22 thoughts on “Magic 8-Ball Murders w/ Eli Roth & Kyle McLachlan

  1. Liked this much more than the Jack Black episode which was awkward and weird, especially the story at the end of this one was really great. My faith in this series is restored <3

  2. I'm just gonna come out and say it: these videos are kinda boring and pointless, but I keep watching in hopes that in one of them Rehka dons more provocative pajamas which reveal what looks to be a pretty nice cleavage area. Now to wait for the comments calling me a pig or worse.

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