Little Boy Pees On Fruits

Dad goes up to a fruit stand with his little boy in a daddy backpack. He turns around to talk on his cell phone and the baby in the carrier starts to pee all over the …

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39 thoughts on “Little Boy Pees On Fruits

  1. He’s actually not peeing on the fruits because if you look closely the fathers pressing the red button to make it look like he’s peeing on the fruits so he’s actually not peeing on them!

  2. How did the baby do that in the video while he's in the carrier? Was it just by edit? Usually the baby would have his or her diaper off before doing that. I don't know how this baby was doing it in the video while in the carrier. I'd say that is so messed up.

  3. Btw pee is cleaner than fruit apples cause the shine is just bugs mixed up to make it look tasty that's why I always wash I before I eat it and pee is just water that is salty and I know that because bear grills said it's very salty duhhhhh……

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