Key & Peele – Spoiler Alert

Two couples having dinner together struggle to come up with a conversation topic that doesn’t contain spoilers.

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  1. If you think about it, trailers are spoilers. Genres are spoilers. They don't take away the fun as much because it's not detailed, but still.

    Weird thing is I'm the totally opposite of the "Spoiler Alert" guy.

    If anything, as someone who frequently plays certain games, there are multiple times I have learned things from the Wiki instead of experiencing it in game first hand.

    Examples : (Possible Spoiler)

    -(Slime Rancher)I learned the names of Tangle Slimes, Mosaic Slimes and Meteor Slimes before even opening the ancient Ruins. and Glass Dessert.
    -(Terraria) After a certain point, I think after beating the Skeleton Boss, I started opening the wiki for everything from Fishing Pool Sizes, how to get weapons, what is the best weapon modifiers, etc.
    -(Enter The Gungeon) How to unlock every single unlockables, and the accessing the secret floors.
    -(Nuclear Throne) How to access the secret floors, unlock B-Skins, get Crowns, and the Damage and Fire Rate table of every weapon so I can choose which weapon I should bring and discard.
    -(Don't Starve) Everything about how to play, just like Terraria
    -(Crypt of The Necrodancer) The attack range for some weapons
    -(West Of Loathing) how to solve certain puzzles and do certain quests and get certain achievements. I also Watched YouTubers play it first until like the middle half of the map. After playing it myself, I still laugh at the jokes. The jokes are still as effective the second and third time around.

    I don't even think knowing the stories of games affect my enjoyment. Well maybe some , but…

    Here are the games that I still think have "meh" stories after playing it directly after reading up the plot :

    Here are the games I still enjoy after watching Youtubers play it:
    -Until Dawn
    -Life Is Strange

    and I can tell with 90% certainty that I don't really lose the enjoyment I would otherwise have.

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