Key & Peele – Dad’s Hollywood Secret

The son of a late civil rights advocate screens his dad’s old Hollywood acting reel only to discover that the roles he took were deeply offensive. The Comedy …

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44 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Dad’s Hollywood Secret

  1. Love the way they use comedy to make subtle political points. There was a time hollywood would only typecast certain roles for black actors and this was perfectly fine at the time. Today, Muslim or Arabs are type casted for certain roles in hollywood – and society is perfectly fine with it. Hollywood has always been an internal reflection of western societys mindset rather than the truth.

  2. A better thing for his son to do would be to say something like, "I'm sorry, I didn't know his roles were like this." That way, it wouldn't bring the presence of a huge elephant in the room for the rest of the services.

  3. Daaamn…we have some racist-ass writers, don't we?
    Great funny, african-american actors…racist-ass, white writers.
    Every time I see a K & P episode regarding racism, the black people end up being the joke instead of hitting the punchline (in a way that blacks end up "ahead" in the joke). Chappelle is quite the opposite: blacks end up ahead in the joke.

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