Key & Peele – Bagels Are for Sales Associates – Uncensored

The boss has very specific rules about who can and can’t eat the bagels at a work meeting.

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30 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Bagels Are for Sales Associates – Uncensored

  1. Man… it's like being in the military. "Make sure nobody XYZs here." "Got it, sir." Then when someone gets even close to doing that thing, said person told is lanced hard for it, so they get super protective of when they're told these things in the future, in which to avoid such scrutiny for it again. THEN, they get lanced for being such an ass about it… by the same guy who told them to do it in the first place.

  2. See, this isn’t funny when you incorporate an injustice into your skit okay maybe if the guy who got fired had shot the guy who fired him and the janitor maybe then it would at least have a chance at being funny, but when you create something that shows people doing something wrong and getting away with it, how in the fuck is that funny?

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