Katie Hits Rock Bottom | Kingpin Katie

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28 thoughts on “Katie Hits Rock Bottom | Kingpin Katie

  1. "Dude, we're sixteen, we would never touch drugs."
    Teenagers got kinda square in the last couple of decades, huh?

    Hang on. Please tell me anal bleaching isn't really a thing? Bleach is for toilets, hair and hypodermic syringes. L.A. is just wrong.

  2. O.K. lets be realistic here… If Katie were to take that coke into a steam room that shit would have melted for sure…. Coke is 1 drug that doesn't like moisture.

  3. "Microcaine" is literally genius,especially the transition that led to it
    "Haha,so who wants a sample of my cocaine?"
    "…… microcaine?"
    "..Yes,that's what it's called"
    Not only the name was a name only thought of by Einstein,but so was that smooth transition to get to it.

  4. La reina de sur was the number one woman drug dealer and she died of age she was known for being better then most drug dealers it’s not a boys club her daughter picked up after her and it’s still going daughter to daughter

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