Jeff Ross Roasts the Border – Trailer

On November 16, Jeff Ross dives headfirst into the world of the people who live around the U.S.-Mexico border fence — and roasts the area’s residents. Watch …

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22 thoughts on “Jeff Ross Roasts the Border – Trailer

  1. So paving over farmland, cutting down forests, depleting natural resources, interrupting wildlife/habitats and causing more geographic disparity in order to accommodate millions of immigrants every few years isn't destroying the environment? You can't say you want to combat climate change while advocating for unsustainable population growth.

  2. Border Patrol guy – "how many people do you let in, how many do you support" Jeff Ross – "all of em, look how big this country is" I think that's as far as his thought process goes. If you want all of these undocumented people here Jeff you can pay for them.

  3. Man Jeff looks so damn good with his hats.
    Aarrrgghhh. I have high hopes now seeing such an ugly dude looking good with the same style of hats I wanted to buy for so long.

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